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We can officially inform you that the following Honorary Awards have been made for the year 2013:

Honorary Doctorate- Public Figures

Yoram Alster – Israel;

Alfred J. Bar – Switzerland;

Ilan Biran – Israel;

Melvin H. Bloom- USA;

Michael R. Bloomberg – USA – (although will not be able to receive it this year – deferred until later date); J. Steven Emerson – USA; Daniel Rose - USA; and Elisha Yanay – Israel

Honorary Doctorate- Scientific Figures

Prof. Alvin E. Roth – USA; and

Prof. Jason L.Speyer – USA

Honorary Fellowships

Aron Ain – USA;

Ruth Alon – Israel;

Sondra Berk – USA;

Melvin Berlin – USA;

Rebecca Boukhris – France;

Richard Davison – USA;

Brent Dibner – USA;

Ron Lazarovitz – Australia;

Andy Shapiro – USA; and

Naomi Weiss Newman – USA